Great Plains History

Accounting and business software Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains was first developed by a software manufacturer referred to as Great Plains Software. You can now see where the term GP was drawn from. Since Microsoft Corporation acquired Great Plains in the year 2001 for a deal that forced them to spend over 1 billion US dollars, the software giant has continued to build on its wide range of software products and today, Great Plain software is revered by a large number of accountants in birmingham. Microsoft has included more features into the software in order to ensure that it offers all its users the best experience. 

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The current version of the Great Plains software has a wide range of office and business functionalities. They include"

Human resource functions

Payroll functions

Business reporting and intelligence functions

Supply chain management

Financial management


More about the Founding Company

Microsoft Great Plains Software founding company Great Plains sold this accounting software mainly for use by the business audiences. Great Plains was first incepted in the year 1981 and is currently headquartered in Fargo, Northern Dakota. When the company first came up with the idea of the Great Plains, it became among the first accounting software packages to ever be developed in the United States. It was designed for use by a number of end users and was basically written to run on the windows operating system as a 32 bit software package.

What Do Tech Writers Think About Great Plains Software?

Most tech writers are of the perception that Microsoft purchased the Great Plains software so as to be more competitive with existing software companies such as SAP and Oracle. With the Great Plains acquisition, Microsoft is now able to offer a complete software package for use by businesses. It consists of Microsoft SQL server, Exchange, Windows Operating System and the Microsoft Dynamics GP. Unlike other software packages, the Great Plains software is not in any way sold directly through Microsoft. The sales are carried out through the use of partner networks. End users who are seeking to buy this software would have to contact the partner providers for services and pricing. Apart from having to buy the software and installing it in your local network, if you are in business, you can still count on the partner to host it for you so as to ensure fast deployment and rollout. You can also host it on a site for purposes of ensuring a secure business reporting and operation environment.

About Microsoft Great Plains Software

Great Plains accounting software combines a wide range of powerful features, reliability and compatibility with rather incredible ease of use and an affordable price to add icing onto the cake. This accounting software has with no doubt proven its role in respect to technical and market leadership. At least, Microsoft is now getting leverage over other top accounting software companies such as SAP and Oracle. Millions of businesses across the globe today are using this software and are truly finding it very helpful. As aforementioned, Great Plains can be used on a wide range of platforms so you really are not limited at all.